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GRC-PIRK Management offers a spectrum of environmental engineering services. Our consulting services are designed to help you discover your potential liabilities, plan and prioritize appropriate corrective actions based on impact and return on investment.

Legal Requirements and Compliance Consulting through a seamless link to third-party regulatory providers, ReComply can document, assign and track action items to ensure ongoing compliance with changing legislation as well as assign responsibilities related to permits, corporate policies and directives.

Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency "p2e2" Consulting is the framework to obtain and maintain regulatory conformance and drive sustainable development/corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Audits and Inspections are accomplished by independent third-party professionals that assure accurate and effective findings of p2e2 status. Our powerful monthly inspection log "MIL" checklist allows the quick management of multiple compliance items.

Regulatory Consulting gains control of regulatory compliance and commitments. The complexity and cost of managing compliance programs is staggering, and the liabilities daunting. ReComply provides regulatory tools and expertise to improve operational efficiency and communication, track deadlines and due dates, control documents, track changing regulations, and address accountability.

Green Consultation and Certification is available for business to attain official Federal Trade Commission accreditation. Licensed engineers can are design and leverage the power of Certified Green solutions for rapid implementation according to defined goals.

Collaborative Consulting provides training resources, user support, custom reports and scorecards as well as interaction with industry specialist and supply chain leaders.

To request a free live demo of our ReComply records management system please call 1-888-553-5186, email or

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ReComply is the leading and fastest growing provider of environmental and energy management solutions to the coatings industry.
Our mission is to enable organizations to grow and profit while optimizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact.

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